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Data ONTAP® 8.0.3P3, 8.0.4, 8.1.2, 7.3.7P1 and Versions NA06 and NA08 Firmware Release for 45E1427, 95P5168, 23R6227, 23R2970, 4E7973 , 4E7969, 45E2141, 45E0885 and 45E1425.

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Looks like there are plenty of things to downliad from IBM to fix up your N series system. Remember there may be interesting items included so always rad tge rekeae notes before installing anything on your systems.

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Cache bang wallop! Huge loads spark NetApp flash crash

March 19, 2012 Leave a comment

From The Reg

Looks like a problem in a chip on the cache cards. Netapp is aware of the problem but is working to fix the problem.

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IBM System Storage N series with VMware vSphere 4.x using Virtual Storage Console 2

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment

This IBM® Redpaper® publication provides a basic introduction to the IBM System Storage® N series, virtualization using the Virtual Storage Console (VSC) 2.0 in VMware vSphere 4.x environments. It explains how to use the Virtual Storage Console with VMware vSphere 4 environments and the benefits of doing so. Examples are given on how to install and set up VSC.The Virtual Storage Console, which is an significant N series software product that works with VMware.
VSC provides local backup and recovery capability. You have the option to replicate backups to a remote storage system by using SnapMirror relationships. Backups can be performed on individual virtual machines or on datastores with the option of updating the SnapMirror relationship as part of the backup on a per job basis. Similarly, restores can be performed at a data-store level or individual virtual machine level.
IBM System Storage N series in conjunction with VMware vSphere 4 helps complete the virtualization hierarchy by providing both a server and storage virtualization solution. Although this configuration can further assist with other areas of virtualization, networks, and applications, these areas of virtualization are not covered in detail in this paper.This is a companion IBM® Redpaper® to “IBM System Storage N series with VMware vSphere 4.1”, SG24-7636.

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N6200 series critical battery firmware update available that eliminates battery FCMTO error condition

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

The fix was uploaded yesterday in the download section of the IBM N series download page.

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When to Gateway and when to really virtualize

January 5, 2012 1 comment

For the last six years IBM has been selling the N series gateway and it has been a great tool to add file based protocols to traditional block storage.  A gateway takes luns from the SAN storage and overlays its own operating system.  One of the ‘gotchas’ with the gateway is the storage has to be net new, meaning it can not take an existing lun that has data and present that to another device.

Traditionally the gateway was used to put in front of older storage to refit the old technology with new features.  In the case of N series, a gateway would be able to add features like snapshots, deduplication and replication. In the past few years, we have added the option to use both external and internal disk to a gateway system.  The only caveat to this solution is you have to order the gateway license when the system is initially ordered.  A filer can not be changed into a gateway system.
Another solution that we see in the field is when a customer is looking to purchase a new system and most of the requirement is SAN based and only a small portion is NAS.  Putting a gateway in front of a XIV became a very popular solution for many years and still is today.  IBM did release the SONAS platform that can be used as a NAS gateway in front of the V7000, SVC, and XIV.

I have seen some architects that wanted to use a gateway in an all NAS solution for new disks.  This only complicates the solution by having to add switches and multiple operating systems.
If we look at virtualization of storage, the gold standard has been the SAN Volume Controller (SVC).  This system can take new or existing luns from other storage systems and presents them as a lun to another host.  This data can be moved from one storage system to another without bringing the lun offline.  The IBM V7000 also has this virtualization feature as the code base for both systems are the same.  The cool feature that IBM has added to the V7000 is now the system has the ability to do NAS and SAN protocols.  This now competes in the same space as the EMC VNX and Netapp FAS systems.
The virtualization in the SVC code is somewhat similar to the gateway code in the N series.  They both can virtualuze the lun from another storage platform.  If you need to keep the data that is on the older system intact, then a SVC device is needed.  I would also mention that the movement of data between storage systems is much easier with the SVC.  I would also mention the N series gateway has more functionality like deduplication and easy replication than the SVC.
Finally, the SVC code was built by IBM to sit on top of complicated SAN environments.  Its robust nature is complimented with an easier to use gui from the XIV platform.  The N series gateway is somewhat easier to setup but is not to be used for large complicated SAN environments.
Both systems are good at what they do, and people try to compare them in the same manner.  I would tell them, Yes they both virtualize storage but are used in a different manner.

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