The Storage Tank is written by Richard Swain and is an independent blog featuring storage products for small/medium business up to the large enterprise. There are so many choices when it comes to deciding on what kind of storage you should put in your environment.  For the most part the parts are all the same, its how they are put together and the software that makes them work.

A little about the author:

Richard Swain is an IT Specialist working in the Sales and Distribution group based in Research Triangle Park, of North Carolina, US. Currently Richard is working as the Storage Engineering Team Lead for the Carolinas Region at IBM. He is responsible for architecting enterprise and mid size storage systems including Tape, Flash and Disk systems. Richard’s interest at IBM has been with Network-Attached Storage (NAS) products, including Scale out NAS (SoNAS) and the N series Storage platform within the IBM OEM partnership with Netapp. Richard graduated from North Carolina State University in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree. In his 16 years in IT, Richard has moved through the ranks as a Network Specialist, Exchange Administrator, Storage and Systems Engineer, and Sales Engineer.
Richard writes several blogs for IBM and other storage related interest. His articles reach thousands of readers world wide and have been included in websites such as ComputerWorld, The Register and Triangle Business Journal. Richard is also an author of a Redbook for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and is currently working on another Redbook. He has spoken and conferences all around the world about his perceptive on storage and how the storage industry still strives while other parts of the IT industry are waning.
Outside of work, Richard enjoys music, beer making and gardening. He is married with two beautiful children and live in Cary NC with their dog Riley.
Here are some more links to find out more about Richard Swain:

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Richard does work for IBM as a storage engineer, the posts and information in his  postings on this site solely reflect his personal views and do not necessarily represent the views, positions, strategies or opinions of IBM or IBM management.

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