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What does the perfect match sound like?

ipad_mymatchesThe day after Valentine’s is also known as “Singles Awareness Day” and people flock to the stores for the left over candies now priced down to move. Some people who are looking today will go on a website to find their love ‘match’. But how does that really work in the background?

One website named “Plenty of Fish” is an online dating site that claims they are the largest online dating site, with over 90 million registered users. Every day 55,000 people from every corner of the Earth sign up on their website for help finding that special person.

Here are some staggering facts from their website:

  • PlentyOfFish has over 55,000 signups every day
  • 80% of usage on PlentyOfFish takes place via a mobile phone
  • Over 3.6 million people log on to PlentyOfFish every day
  • Every 2 minutes a couple confirms they met on PlentyOfFish
  • There are over 10 million conversations every day on PlentyOfFish
  • PlentyOfFish creates 1 million relationships every year

Now this is not a promo for the site but the data points are interesting. If you were looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with or just trying to make friends, some of the factors in you paying this site would be the speed and accuracy of their match making algorithm. When I talk to clients about technology and their pain points we talk alot about making the decisions faster with more accurate data. This is very similar to the data points above.

I saw this video on Youtube and thought it was pretty cool.

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