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NAS vs. Object: Supporting Next Apps

Here is a great little article talking about how NAS is giving way to Object based storage. Thanks to Mr. Backup at StorageSwiss.com for the article. Look for an update on the Spectrum Scale product this week on object based storage for hybrid clouds here on The Storage Tank.

StorageSwiss.com - The Home of Storage Switzerland

Today’s apps aren’t your father’s apps. Applications developed today take for granted things that were not even thinkable not that long ago — especially in the storage space. The scale that is needed by modern day applications was never envisioned when traditional shared storage was invented. (NFS and SMB were released in 1984, five years before Tim Berners-Lee would invent the world-wide web.)

It wasn’t that long ago that developers would assume an app would run on a single server and access a single filesystem. Once apps started to run on clusters, most “clusters” were really just active-active pairs, or even active-passive pairs. Of course, there were a few truly clustered applications that ran on several nodes. However, all of these systems assumed one thing: a filesystem or LUN that could be shared by all nodes, or synchronously replicated storage that mimicked that behavior.

Modern day developers assume they can…

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