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IBM Assigned Twelve Storage Patents

Yes, IBM is at it again with it’s storage innovation receiving 12 new patents for tape systems. What? You thought tape was a dead? Again? Tape is very much alive and kicking and while you may be jaded one way or another, tape is still the cheapest most reliable long term storage platform out there.

IBM is known for it’s innovation and the patents it is awarded every year. For the last 23 years, it has been awarded more patents in the US than any other company. Just in 2015, IBM was awarded 7355 patents compared to 7852 patents for Google, Microsoft GE and HP combined. Roughly 40% of the 18172 patents awarded went to IBM.

2015 Patents IBM vs Competitors

When you look at the 12 storage patents (listed here), you notice they are all from 2010- to 2014/15. They range from how the data is written to abrasion check. The people behind these technologies are brilliant to say the least and it shows in the details of the filing. While they are sometimes hard to read, the technology being introduced will save IBM customers time and money down the road.

IBM also uses its patents as a revenue source. Just in the last year, IBM sold patents to both Pure Storage and Western Digital. Since Pure and IBM compete in the all flash array environment, IBM must of gotten a huge sum of money for those patents to offset the ability to crush your competitor. None the less, IBM utilizes its investment of R&D buy selling the technology to others who may be spending their money elsewhere (like marketing and selling).

If you want to learn more about the IBM Storage Patents, click over here to read about them in detail.


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