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IBM Edge 2014 Call for Customer Speakers now OPEN!

IBM Edge 2014 Call for Speakers is Open!

Do you have a story that you want to tell? IBM is giving you a chance to tell the world how you are making your business or the industry better. This year we are focused on four areas: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. These subjects will be the cornerstone of the conference and sessions will be selected on how your business was changed by them.

We want attendees to better understand why its important to move Infrastructure from an afterthought to a strategic mission critical choice, and want presenters to discuss how IBM infrastructure is a unique enabler for growth and innovation. Ideally, a speaker can incorporate how the company’s strategic and forward thinking decisions about infrastructure have directly impacted the enterprise’s ability to respond effectively to new opportunities, challenges  and the demands of growth and innovation.  We look forward to inviting customers to speak and will pay for their conference fee as a token of thanks.  

If you are interested in speaking and attending Edge, please email me back with some details below and I will get your information into the database for the selection committee.

Please send me your name, company and contact information and the specifics you might include in your project/story including:
What IBM solution components?  what is your implementation?
What terms of the decision process did you go through and the impact to your business?
Will you be comfortable including some business impact context?
Is there a tie-in with Cloud, Analytics, Mobile or Social type of workload ?
How has IBM technology helped you run the business better?

If you are interested, please let me know by March 12 as the deadline is next Friday for submissions.

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