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Hello, Yes I am back now

After taking a few months off from the social media business I am back to write a few articles about technology and how I see them changing our business world.  Its been a few months now since the IBM Edge event and I still believe IBM has the best portfolio of gear.  When I was down in Orland at the Edge event someone came up to me and was asking me about some of the articles I had written for NAS@IBM and the Developer’s Works but they were more interested in this blog as it was not so much about IBM as its about storage.

This made me very worried as I put time and effort into making each one of the blogs different Imageand relative to the audience that reads them.  It made me realize that most people are not so concerned about the marketing side of social media and really want to these outlets to keep up with what is going on as an industry.

After this conversation I decided to really look at how I was sending information out to world and how much time I was spending on promoting versus just giving out my options.  I am no means a writer or a journalist but someone who started this as a way to communicate to a wider audience.  There is more to tell than to promote so from now on I am going to focus more on telling you, the reader, more about what I am finding interesting in the storage biz.

Now is this going to be skewed because I work at IBM so I am always going to slant my articles that way? Some yes but I am going to use my other blogs to talk more about the latest and greatest surrounding IBM gear.  Here you will find more information about those products and some of my competitors.

And in case you were wondering, tomorrow IBM will be making announcements on about 6 products that are fairly interesting and I may talk about them here. I will be updating my other blogs with the announcements so tune in over there to catch up on what we are working on.

For now, I will say this, I am somewhat burned out on the Facebook, YouTube, twitter, instragram you name it and I am doing a reboot of what I think makes the most since.  Will I still be on those outlets? Some but I am not going to use them as a marketing gimmick. Have a great week and keep checking back for more information.

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