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New Document Helps V7000 Unified Customers with Common Hints and Tips

IBM Storage has been going very strong with the introduction of the V7000 Unified into the marketplace.  Combining the V7000 disk array with the SONAS code and hardware, and out comes a box that can provide customers with direct SAN attachment and provide NAS to his demanding shares.  This system comes in three boxes and has all the parts and pieces you need to setup the system in a jiffy.  But before you go opening boxes and plugging in cables there are some things you need to plan for before racking and stacking.

The first thing is to prepare for the installation by filling in the planing guides found on the Info Center.  There you will find guides on hardware, software, network and storage configuration planning.  The Info Center has more information and is the central place to find all documents about administration, monitoring and troubleshooting for the V7000 Unified.  Other systems like XiV, SONAS, SVC, N series all have Info Centers, just do a Google search and you can find them quickly.

V7000 Unified is designed so anyone can setup the system with little to no training.  The install starts with a USB key that has a little wizard that asks you questions about the configuration of the system.  This wizard then saves a file that is used to program the nodes/canisters with out you having to connect with a cable and answer 100 questions on a Putty session.

Now that you watched the video and have read all of the documentation, you are going forward with your install.  As easy as it is to install a USB key sometimes things go wrong.  IBM has put together a document that goes into a fair amount of detail some of the most common errors that people are running into during installations.  Other information like links to the quick install guide and the support page will help you in the future find resolution. If you fat finger a IP address or pull the USB key out too soon, this document will guide you through the steps on correcting the ship and put you back on course.

The 5 page document can be found here along with other information about the V7000 Unified

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