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SVC Reigns Supreme:Breaking the 500,000 iops SPC barrier

Great blog articles from both our SVC guru Barry Whyte (no not the singer) and Tony Vandewerdt of Aussie fame toting our recapture of the SPC-1 fastest test results.  SAN Volume Controller (SVC) has been pretty much in the top of the finishing results and number 1 for most of its 10 year life.  No other virtualization engine out there supports as many platforms or has awesome/ground breaking technology like it.

In fact it was the first real cloud like storage platform as it can move data from one system to the next without causing disruption.  I have not seen any other vendor (Netapp, HDS, HP) have anything close to the performance and stability of the system.  A couple of things I would like to see change is maybe better snapshot technology and more protocol support but those are not really what this box is designed for.

One of the great facts that Barry points out is this config only had 1920 disks and achieved 270 IOPS per disk.  The previous record owned by the HP 3PAR system had the same amount of disks but was only able to squeeze out 450,212 IOPS total, a whopping 69,831 less than the SVC new record of 520,043.  The difference is about 15% more throughput.

The SVC’s little brother Storwize V7000 Unified (V7kU) has all of the same software baked in so all that is different is the hardware for the most part. While I don’t think we will see benchmark numbers of 500k IOPS on the V7kU it does have the potential if the hardware could handle it.  Maybe IBM will see this and start to think about combining the two products?

Congrats go out to the SVC teams in Tuscon and Hursley for a job well done in deed.


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