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XiV iPad app makes it easier

Right off the top, I don’t usually like promoting things with an “i” in front of the name but I have seen a little glimmer of light.  This year IBM released an application (app) for monitoring and administrating the XiV system from an iPad.  I quickly dismissed it as something that is nice to have but not a necessity.

But the more I thought about how the XiV system is designed to have an easy to use interface and one of the selling points of all of the Apple products is the ease of use, I can see why people would want an app like this.  This generation of engineers/administrators are always looking for the cool part of the box.  This allows them to be a little less attached to their laptop or cubicle so when someone asks for LUN or a status report on the performance they can pull that information up while sitting in the coffee shop.

The app can be run in production mode or a demo mode which also helps us IBMers showing it to other clients.  The Demo mode allows you to see how the app works with out connecting to a real XiV.  Pretty cool.

After securely logging into a real XiV system you can see performance of the system from both the volume and host perceptive.  By swiping the screen (like turning a page) you can go back and forth the screens.   Here are a couple of screens shots of what you would see on your iPad.


The only two things I have asked the XiV software team is how can use this to create an app that will also monitor SVC/V7000U/DS8000 as they all have the same interface.  The second is to port this over for Android so I can run it from my droid tablet!

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  1. February 1, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    I agree we need an Android version. Baristas don’t do storage.

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