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IBM SONAS and Paradigm Epos 4 integrated seismic processing solution guide

IBM published a paper this week describing how the scale out NAS product, SONAS, works with a software package in the seismic processing space called Paradigm Epos4. The report goes into detail of both the hardware and software issues surrounding the massive amounts of data associated with finding deposits of fossil fuels in the strata.

The software supports NFS mounts which seems to be the sweet spot of the linux based SONAS system. One of the biggest problems with the oil and gas industry is the tremendous and rich amount of data.
The cost of drilling varies depending on the depth of the well, remoteness of the location and extra services required to get the oil or gas up to the surface. With some of the deepwater rigs the rates for 2010 was around $420,000 per day and could be more on higher performance rigs.
With so much on the line, it is very important to get information accurate and quickly so that companies can avoid costly mistakes. IBM has been working in the oil and gas industry for over 50 years. We have experts not only in the hardware, software and services but we understand the industry and how “big-data” is changing that industry faster than others.
SONAS allows for companies to have a large scale NAS solution that can have a single files system for multiple peta-bytes of data. SONAS also allows data to move from faster pools to other virtualized systems down to a tape archive. This increases the ROI by having the most recent accessed data on the faster drives and customers can expand their buying cycles further because they are not spinning old data.
The other variable in this industry is companies need to scale projects up quickly and not always with a 1:1 ratio of performance to storage space. SONAS is able to scale both of these variables independently of one another. As new systems are brought online, disks can be added and rebalanced non disruptively. The same can be done with the interface nodes.
More information about the testing can be found in the report here.

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