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Top 10 Reasons clients choose to go with IBM N series

Top 10 Reasons clients choose to go with IBM N series


Some years ago I put together a list of reasons why people choose to buy from IBM rather than purchase directly from Netapp.  IBM has an OEM agreement with Netapp and rebrands the FAS and V-series as their N series product line.  They are both made at the same plant and the only difference between them is the front bezel.  You can even take a Netapp bezel off and stick it on an N series box and it fits exactly. 


The Software is the same exactly.  All we change is the logos and readme files.  The entire functionality of the product is exactly the same.  IBM does not add or take away any of the features built into the systems.  The only difference is it takes IBM about 90 days once Netapp releases a product to get it put online and change the necessary documents. 


Support for N series is done both at IBM and Netapp.  Much like our other OEM partners, they stand behind IBM as the developers and IBM handles the issues.  Customers still call the same 1.800.IBM.SERV for support and speak to trained engineers who have been working on N series equipment for 6+ years now.  IBM actually has lower turn over than Netapp in their support division and has won awards for providing top-notch support.  The call home features that most people are used to still go to Netapp via IBM servers. 



10.  The IBM customer engineer (CE) that is working with you today will be the same person who helps you with the IBM N series system.

9.  IBM GBS team can provide consultation, installation and even administration of your environment.

8.  IBM is able to provide financing for clients.

7.  When you purchase your N series system from IBM, you can bundle it with servers, switches, other storage and software.  This gives you one bill, one place to go to if you need anything and one support number to call.

6.  IBM has two other support offerings to help our clients, Our Supportline offering allows customers to call in and ask installation or configuration questions.  We also have an Enhanced Technical Support (ETS) team that will assign a personal engineer that will know everything about your environment and will provide you with everything you need.  They will help you with health checks to be sure the system is running optimally, updates on the latest technology and single point of contact in case you need to speak to someone immediately.

5.  IBM N series warranty support is done by IBM technicians and engineers at Level 1 and Level 2.  If your issue can not be resolved by our Level 2 team they have a hotline into the Netapp Top Enterprise Account team.  This is a team only a few very large Netapp accounts can afford and we provide this support to ALL of the IBM N series accounts no matter how large or small.

4.  Our support teams from different platforms (X series, Power, TSM, DS, XiV, etc) all interact with another and when tough issues come up we are able to scale to the size of the issue.  We can bring in experts that know the SAN, Storage, Servers, and Software all under one umbrella.  With those tough cases we assign a coordinator to make sure the client does not have to call all of these resources themselves.  This person can reach out to all the teams, assigns duties and will coordinate calls with you the customer.

3.  All IBM N series Hardware and Software undergoes an Open Source Committee who validates there are no violations, copy right infringements or patent infringements.

2.  All IBM N series Hardware and Software is tested in our Tucson testing facility for interoperability.  We have a team of distinguished engineers who not only support N series but other hardware and software platforms within in the IBM portfolio.

1.  All IBM N series equipment comes with a standard 3 year warranty for both Hardware and Software.  This warranty can be extended beyond the three years as IBM supports equipment well beyond the normal 3-5 years of a system.


When it gets down to it, customers buy because they happy.  Since the systems are exactly the same it comes down to what makes them happy.  For some, the Netapp offering makes them happy because they like their sales engineer, for others they like IBM because they have been doing business with us for over 30 years. 


For more information about IBM N series, check out our landing page on http://www-03.ibm.com/systems/storage/network/

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